Wed, 17 Dec 2014 14:48:00

Text Post: v2 content: Improved Denizens

Partly due to the new strife system, in v2 Denizens will be a lot more interesting! The basic rules are remaining the same (you can only bring yourself into the fight, you build up to the 7th gate to start it off, winning gives you access to the Battlefield…), but the denizens themselves are getting beefed up with new abilities and possibly increased power. Some quick previews:

- Abraxas is now more powerful at high HP as well as having improved access to a damaging ability at high HP
- Similarly, Moros will be stronger if your HP is low
- Metis has a variety of actions, and will choose one “intelligently” based on what you’re doing
- Armok can summon allies in addition to multiattacking

Wed, 17 Dec 2014 14:44:17

Ask: Alright. So I have a problem (obviously). Whenever i try to log into a session i'm a part of, i'll put in my login information and it'll say "Success" under the set of typing spaces, but it'll just redirect me back to the main page and won't launch me into the session like it should. Could you help me with this? My Username is "faithfulThespian"

…anyone else having this issue again? We dealt with it a while back and I’d like to know if it’s just you or also others again.

Wed, 17 Dec 2014 14:43:35

Ask: Thank you for creating void

…you’re welcome.

Mon, 15 Dec 2014 15:24:04

Ask: hello ! so, i have a question about the black king . if you started your session with say 15 people, then dealt enough damage to the dersite army to challenge him, then removed half the people in the session - would his power/health go down, and keep the damage done to the army, or would his power/health stay the same and simply leave you with less people to fight him with? thank you !

His power/health would go down. That’s set when you engage him based on how many people are in the session at that time.

Mon, 15 Dec 2014 15:23:15

Ask: Just asking, (because we tried this in v1,) in v2 will two player sessions be possible? (It would be nice to be honest because keeping track of a third account between two people is awfully confusing sometimes!) Thanks either way :3

Yeah there’s no reason they wouldn’t be.

Thu, 11 Dec 2014 22:54:55

Ask: I'm sorry to bother you, what is a gate and how do I create one?

Generally you build up to the gates rather than creating them yourself! They’re not an item that goes in your inventory.

Thu, 11 Dec 2014 18:52:40

Ask: Are the two-person fraymotifs going to be added into V2, and if so, how will they work?

Basically it’s usable if the other Aspect is present in the battle as an ally. It’ll probably set the fraymotif active on both you and the ally (with an option to select an ally if multiple eligible ones are present), but only consume YOUR use of it. Hence they won’t even have to be that much more powerful than the III-tier motifs, because they’ll affect two players rather than one.

They’re still probably going to be crazy strong though.

Thu, 11 Dec 2014 18:50:43

Ask: Is there a more accurate time of release or whatever to v2? I was in the archive and the last post I saw to have anything to do with the release said something about January. That was a while ago and I know you guys still have a butt-ton to add to the game, so I was just inquiring! :u

Well it really depends. A lot of us are currently in the middle of school finals/assessment period, something I personally failed to account for as an Australian who has graduated university. As such, the time frame is…somewhat unreliable. It’s all volunteered time, so it really depends on when people (myself included!) can/want to work on stuff.

That said, I doubt it’ll be after the end of January. I’d like to go for this year, but I also don’t want to make people fail their classes for it so…

Thu, 11 Dec 2014 18:48:43

Ask: What if instead of globally across all sessions, for the stock exchange how about session exclusive.

This is the plan, yes.

Sat, 06 Dec 2014 10:11:04

Text Post: v2 possibility: Ability slot

So we hadn’t quite finalized this (it was suggested only yesterday!) but one of the devs mentioned it publicly so I may as well make a teaser post about it: An “Ability” equipment slot.

The purpose of this slot would be to allow the creation of items whose only function is to grant an active ability. This initially came up because of a plasmid submission, but could be used for all kinds of things like ability books (that aren’t useful as bookkind weapons), strange devices with various effects that aren’t exactly weapons, and so forth. Some weapons could even come with active abilities as well once there’s a good system for non-Aspect ability usage.

Nothing is finalized yet (including this thing’s existence, even!) so whether the ability will cost regular Aspect Vial, some third value specifically for non-Aspect abilities (lasspluck/ladpluck?), or something else entirely remains to be seen.

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